Flexshade Umbrellas

Flexshade® Waterproof Umbrellas


Stylish all-weather canopies, that stand the test of time!

The Flexshade® range of permanent outdoor umbrellas offer fantastic sun and rain protection, all year round. By incorporating high quality materials and a sleek modern design, permanent umbrellas offer the best of both form and function. This is achieved through a long-lasting PVC fabric, engineered framework, and a minimal form factor.

  • Set and forget design requiring minimal maintenance
  • Engineered for winds up to 160km/hr
  • Welded Waterproof PVC Canopy
  • 10 Year Structural Warranty


Permanent Umbrellas

Large concrete footings and a strong engineered steel framework form the basis for these long-lasting waterproof umbrellas. Including a triplex powder-coating for the framework and a self-cleaning fabric, Flexshade® permanent umbrellas are a true set and forget solution. 

Designed and built in Australia to engineering standards, and wind rated to 160km/hr, the Flexshade® umbrella will truly stand the test of time.


Flexshade® Outdoor Umbrella Models

Centre Post Umbrella

The golden standard when it comes to outdoor weather protection, the Centre Post 'Quartet' umbrella is a popular and versatile model. Suitable for a wide range of applications, each module can be linked together to form larger spans. This makes Flexshade® the perfect 100% waterproof umbrella.


Download Square Quartet Brochure

Download Hexagonal Brochure



Side Post - Cantilever Umbrella

If you're after more leg room, a Side Post Cantilever Umbrella is another great option. Having the canopy support column on the side provides maximum dining or living space. All the same features are available for the cantilever umbrella variants, including waterproof linking panels.

Download Side Post Brochure

Download Side Post Hexagonal Brochure


Pivot Options

The Flexshade cantilever umbrellas also come in a pivot option, allowing you to rotate the shade on it's axis. Simply move the canopy left or right, and you can control where the shade is cast at any one time. Increase the potential shading area up to 250% by using a pivot option. The Hexagonal Side Post and Quartet Side Post Umbrellas can have pivot options.

Download Pivot Side Post Brochure

Download Pivot Side Post Hexagonal Brochure

Flexshade® Duet Umbrellas

The Duet Twin Umbrella is the latest offering from the Flexshade® range. With twice the area of a standard cantilevered umbrella, supported on a single support column, the Duet is both an eye catching and functional waterproof umbrella. The ultimate solution when it comes to rain protection, the Duet waterproof umbrella can cover up to 50 square meters on a single post. 

Download Duet Brochure




Framed and Beam Edge Umbrella

The Quartet Curtain Series provides a straight edge frame around the perimeter of the canopy. This makes it easy to install side curtains and optional corner posts for drop down blinds. Ideal for cafes and restaurants the addition of external blinds to the beam edge umbrella enables the space beneath to be fully enclosed for year round use.

Download Quartet Beam Edge Centre Post Brochure

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Optional Extras


Heating and Lighting

Outdoor Blinds

Linking Panels