Custom Framed Shade Structures

Long lasting all-weather protection & architectural design

Providing the perfect combination of form and function, Custom Fabric Canopies provide outstanding solutions for weather protection and can create wonderful outdoor areas to be enjoyed all-year round.

Extend the usability and enhance the appeal of your outdoor area

Install a Custom Framed Shade Structure today

Each custom framed canopy consists of a shadecloth or waterproof PVC fabric canopy, tensioned over a steel frame. Depending on your fabric choice your level of protection can include up to 100% UV and rain protection. A unique feature of the translucent PVC fabric is that it allows natural light penetration, making your outside area feel more vibrant and open, while still providing a high level of weather protection. All frame-work comes fully engineered with optional powder-coating, 2-pack polyurethane paint, or hot-dip galvanising.

Shadeform’s Framed Structures at a glance:

  • Translucent fabric tensioned over a steel frame
  • Large spans with minimal structure
  • Up to 100% waterproof and UV resistance
  • Heating and lighting options
  • Council Approval Services
  • 3D CAD and conceptual design
  • 10 year structural warranty

Our experienced design and installation team will tailor a solution for your unique project, providing a purpose built structure that is integrated with the existing building, or stands alone as a visual feature. A refined design, construction, and install process allows Shadeform to deliver high quality Australian products at affordable rates. For more information, contact Shadeform’s experienced staff to discuss your individual shading requirements. 08 8354 2116

Download Residential 'Eclipse' Brochure

Download Commercial 'Eclipse' Brochure

Download Large Custom Canopies (Schools & Councils) Brochure


Flexshade® Modular Framed Shade Structures

The Flexshade® range of custom modular shade systems includes standard and custom sized structures. Engineered for winds up to 160km/hr, each structure is made to last and includes a range of frame and fabric colour options. Modular by design, most systems can be joined together to form an effective means of shading that is affordable and suits a wide range of applications.


Download Tetra MC Single Brochure

Download Tetra MC Double Brochure



Cantilever Structures

Shade structures made from engineer designed steel and concrete footings, have the ability to span large distances in the form of a Cantilever. These structures are perfect for car parks, shopping centres, and other applications where having a minimal number of columns is beneficial. A Cantilever Shade Structure provides fantastic weather protection and also acts as an architectural feature that captures the eye. Typical painting and other top-coat finishes ensure a long lasting Canopy that will stand the test of time.

For more information, contact Shadeform’s experienced staff to discuss your individual shading requirements. Contact Shadeform for a Free Quote


Custom outdoor canopies are perfect for a wide range of applications:

  • Around the Home
  • Patios & Courtyards
  • Business/Offices
  • Carparks & Shopping Centres
  • Hotels & Cafes
  • Sporting Venues
  • 95% Shadecloth
  • Ferrari Waterproof PVC

Circular Hollow Section

Rectangular Hollow Section

Hot Dip Galvanisation

Two-pack Acrylic Paint


  • Structural integrity of a veranda, with the aesthetics of a flexible sail membrane
  • Custom designed and engineered to suit unique applications.
  • Ability to create outdoor alfresco environments.
  • Provide workplaces or businesses with a more permanent cover, combining the structural integrity of a veranda and the aesthetics of a flexible sail membrane.
  • Ability to fix outdoor blinds, folding arm awnings and other external shade products to the frame
  • Add Value to your home
  • Extend living and work spaces
  • Flexible integration with existing buildings
  • High frequency welds bond computer cut panels together for utmost strength and accuracy.
  • 3D modelling and conceptual design







Custom build to any size