Schools, Parks & Playgrounds

Much needed sun and UV Protection

It gets hot here in Australia, extremely hot. Our summers are some of the worst for temperature and UV index. Also, the prevention of skin cancer is a really important issue. A lot of the time in public parks or school play areas, there is not enough shade for kids or adults to safely enjoy the outdoors. Play equipment becomes too hot to touch and sandpits over heat in the blistering sun. Fortunately one of the simplest and most effective methods for shielding against UV and creating cool environments for all is the installation of shade sails and shade structures.

Purpose Built Design

Shade Sails and Shades Structures make ideal cover for play equipment and park areas where weather protection from the sun and rain is important. Some shades are made for schools and park grounds, one of which is made right here at Shadefrom - the Shadeport. This fantastic shade has many benefits, including minimal maintenance and economical shading. These shades are engineer designed and the unique hip roof makes members minimal and lightweight, but incredibly strong. These factors make the Shadeport one of the longest lasting and most economical shades available in Australia today.

Ideas for Schools, Councils and Community.


DECS Compliant

There are two crucial requirements that are sometimes missed, for the addition of shade in South Australian public schools:

  • Fabric material should provide at least 95% UV-B block-out and shall comply with Australian Standard AS4174-1994
  • If covering a playground, ensure adequate clearance above any play equipment (1.5metres), and posts at least 2.5metres away from play equipment

These details, along with all other Department of Education and Child Development Shading requirements[ Government of South Australia - A Building design specifications for SA government schools and preschools - DECD Design Standards - DECD14/5606 ], are required by law. At Shadeform we understand school shading. As one of South Australia’s market leaders, you can be rest assured our experience will ensure your project is completed quickly and with minimal fuss.

Safety, Built In

We at Shadeform go the extra mile in ensuring that both kids and adults are fully protected from injury or other dangers such as loose fittings, inadequate sun protection, and collision. At Shadeform we have a wide range of safety avoidance mechanisms including safety pads for posts, and anti vandal collars.

Safety and liability are quickly becoming an increasingly crucial issue for businesses and organisations, and so our clients are constantly looking for ways to improve in this area. At Shadeform, we have developed a range of sail post safety pads, providing protection against accidental collision with sail posts in public areas.

Available in a range of three colours to suit your environment, these sail post safety pads are manufactured using tough, weatherproof vinyl and 75mm-thick foam. With reinforced Velcro fastening and a centre split design, they are easy to attach and stay looking good even after lengthy exposure to the elements.

Crash pad features

  • Manufactured from tough, weatherproof vinyl
  • Choice of colours and printed pads on request
  • High-quality 75mm-thick inner foam layer
  • Reinforced Velcro tab closures

Shadeform’s Expert Advice

With over 30 years experience, Shadeform offer a wide range of fantastic looking shades that are made to last. Our expert design, manufacture, and installation team have extensive experience with installations in councils, schools, colleges, and universities. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements.

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