Maintenance, Servicing & Repairs

At Shadeform, all the shade products we supply are of the highest quality, constructed from quality components and durable fabrics, rigorously tested to Australian standards and climatic extremes.


But like most products, shade sails, membrane structures, blinds and awnings all benefit from periodic maintenance. By looking after your shade product with a service check, you will undoubtedly increase the life expectancy and save money in the long run.  Any small problems that may occur can be picked up and resolved early to prevent more serious issues over time, which may result in further cost.


MAINTENANCE - Our dedicated team of eight experienced installers are able to professionally service & maintain a wide range of shade products throughout the state. The depth of knowledge & experience gained from over 30 years in the shade industry ensures competent & thorough servicing standards.

REPAIRS - We have a team of four highly trained sail makers in our Sail Loft, which includes fabric welding machines and industrial sewing machines. Our skilled machinists are on hand to quickly undertake repair work, providing a speedy turnaround. 

RAPID RESPONSE - From planned routine maintenance to emergency service calls during extreme weather events, Shadeform are able to effectively respond as needed. With a fleet of 4 x service vehicles on the road, our team of qualified installers are capable of quickly attending site if required.

CONDITION REPORTS - Shadeform can provide comprehensive condition reports with advice & recommendations if required. This can be invaluable for Schools, Councils and Facilities Managers to aid with the effective deployment of maintenance funding & the planning of resource allocation.

DEPENDABLE SERVICE - As an accredited contractor to numerous Facilities Managers, Councils and Government Departments, Shadeform are proud to provide a dependable maintenance and repair service. Shadeform have a great KPI record with Facilities Managers such as DPTI and Spotless amongst others.


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