Outdoor Umbrellas

Shadeform's range of outdoor umbrellas are superior in strength and quality. Made to the highest standard using quality materials, each model is robust and long-lasting. Once installed you can expect to have great weather protection for many years to come! 



Permanent Umbrellas - Flexshade®

The Flexshade® range of Outdoor Umbrellas are an Australian made all-weather canopy, that protects against sun and rain. Designed to be a permanent structure, these umbrellas are a set and forget solution, able to withstand even the strongest weather. Wind rated to 160km/hr, these umbrellas have a very long expected lifetime. Each umbrella comes in a range of colour options, and they are covered by an extensive manufacturers warranty. 

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Folding Umbrellas - Shadowspec

If you're after convenience and style, then consider a Shadowspec folding umbrella. Designed with aesthetics in mind, this fantastic sun shade is able to fold down in a matter of seconds. This gives you flexible sun protection, whenever you need it! Multiple patent pending technologies make the Shadowspec umbrella one of the nicest looking and most functional folding umbrella on the market.

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