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Vertiroll Tensioned Sunscreen

Superior protection from the elements for architectural outdoor spaces.

Exceptional Design, Intelligent Protection from the Elements

These graceful external blinds protect open areas from sun and wind while still maintaining a view of the landscape.

The see-through fabric of these exterior blinds cleverly allows natural light to penetrate through yet enables you to enjoy outdoor entertaining without the blowing wind or harsh glare and heat from the sun.

Generally used away from glass, Issey Vertiroll retractable blinds resist wind with their weighted bottom bar, preventing the shades from flapping. These Patio Blinds also stop low sun, but allow air movement to prevent stagnant heat build up in the protected area.

Free from complicated cords and pulleys, they can be fitted with stainless steel cables for an architectural, minimalist effect.

The Vertiroll is an exceptional tensioned vertical screen that acts as a retractable shelter system. Typically used for the sides of patios and pergolas it provides outstanding protection against sun, wind and rain vastly improving comfort and practical usability.

Vertiroll suits

  • Verandas
  • Pergolas
  • Patios
  • Semi-open spaces
  • Cafes
  • Colonnades

Vertiroll at a glance

  • Encloses open spaces, optimising your outdoor living and entertainment areas
  • Extremely versatile, acting as a sun shade, windbreak and rain barrier
  • See-through fabric allows for heat and glare protection with the enjoyment of the view

Vertiroll features

  • Tensioned screen minimises flapping of system in the wind
  • Slimline, unobtrusive headbox protects and prolongs the life of the system
  • Able to cover large areas in one piece, it spans up to 6.5m with no gaps