Miami Aquatic Centre

The Shaderunner® wins the Australian Textile Fabrication industry Award. Along with the Miami Aquatic Centre, we would like to thank everyone for making this project a big success.




Regarded as one of the Gold Coast’s premier swim venues, the Miami Aquatic Centre recently underwent a $15 million upgrade of facilities, including much needed shade.




To maximise use of the Miami Aquatic Centre and provide patrons with much needed shade, Liquid Blue Architects specised the hugely popular Shaderunner® Retractable Shade System. Offering limitless shading configurations, unmatched aesthetics and ease, the Shaderunner® system provides long lasting affordable shade on demand.



The Shaderunner® is uniquely suited to the provision of large-scale retractable shading for a range of commercial and community applications, including swim centres, bowling clubs, sports facilities, and hospitality venues. By requiring support only at each end of this retractable system, large areas can be shaded without the need for intermediate support structures or columns, which is hugely desirable for numerous applications, particularly swimming pools and sports clubs.




At the Miami Aquatic Centre, Hutchinson Builders was engaged as head contractor and, together with the Shaderunner® Australia design team, engineering was performed to enable a series of Shaderunners® to span between column centres of up to 36 metres on either side of the main pool.

Over the 50-metre competition pool, a series of 8 Shaderunner® systems were installed, providing extendable shade coverage of up to 33 metres across the width of the pool. There are 4 Shaderunners® on each side of the pool that extend towards the centre, traveling on marine grade stainless steel wires to a central spreader bar.



Over the Zero Depth Splash Pad, a further 4 Shaderunner® systems provide controllable shade for this interactive playspace. With 2 Shaderunners® on each side, the systems can be extended to provide a total coverage of 31 metres, providing welcome shade for children and parents alike.

With each shade being 6.1-metres wide, these 12 large Shaderunner® systems provide a mammoth twelve hundred square metres of retractable shade on demand! Each Shaderunner® runs along four high tensile, stainless-steel support wires, using special custom-made marine grade, ball bearing yachting pulleys. These glide along the stainless wires, making for a simple and friction-free operation. The aluminium cross tracks support the fabric laterally.



An endless control cord, which is pulled in either direction to extend or retract the Shaderunner®, leads down to a stainless-steel self-cleating yachting winch, for ease of use and effortless operation. A lockable hinged cover plate covers the cleating mechanism to prevent public access.

The fabric used is a mould-resistant and durable polyester mesh, with 95 percent block-out of harmful UV rays. The clients chose white to complement their facility design. The Shaderunners® can be independently set at full extension or at any position on the wires, to give the required amount of shade at any given time.

The state-of-the-art retractable shade system at the Miami Aquatic Centre provides the ultimate in large-scale controllable shade, finished to the highest manufacturing standards to create a durable and stylish result.



The Shaderunner® System offers a unique opportunity to achieve large-span retractable shade over areas that would normally seem an impossible task. Cost effective, quality assured and proudly Australian made, take your next project into the world of market leading retractable shade offered exclusively by Shaderunner® Australia.

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