Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club

In order to revamp this popular yachting destination and create a space that all sailors can enjoy, a waterproof twin cone structure was erected. Tying in with the existing building, the new canopy creates fantastic all-weather protection, from the sun, wind and rain.

Shadeform worked closely with Neilson architects and the Yacht Club committee to select the design. The final solution is a strong and robust shelter, which looks great and will enhance members facilities greatly. 

The decision to raise the front roof and install an extra high Tetra to match was made early on. An important consideration, this makes the area feel more open and much more enjoyable. The design also needed to be custom designed with a lower cone top height to provide unobstructed views from the second story observatory. This allows the viewing of yachts during important racing events.


Vertical Blinds

To provide even more protection, two zip blinds where added to the structure. These create great sun and UV protection, plus they can be used as a windbreak too. Also, adding blinds like this gives you the ability to form completely enclosed outdoor rooms.

Heatstrip Heating

Multiple Thermofilm Heatstrip heaters were also added, simply by attaching them to the underside of the frame. A fantastic design, these heaters create warmth and comfort on cold winter days.

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