City of Playford Freemont Park

A series of commercial shade sails now provide fantastic shade for these large open playground areas. Complete with adequate clearances and safety fall zones, the brightly coloured shade sails create a playful feel, while still being functional for all ages. Now parents and their children can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the harsh sun, including unwanted UV, heat, and glare.



Custom designed to fit each play area, the standard fixed shade sail was the chosen shade solution. This simple design is tough and long lasting, but still provides elegant aesthetics. A series of large steel posts were used to support the shade sails, with robust concrete footings. Each sail is engineer designed to withstand very strong winds. 



The fabric canopy is made from commercial grade Monotec shade-cloth, made in Australia. This shade-cloth comes with up to 15 year warranty, and because of this it has a very long expected lifetime. This Monotec fabric has a wide range of available colours, in this instance Freemont Park has a multitude of different brighter colours. Because the parks were frequented by young children, the shade sail posts had to be designed with safety in mind. Vandalism protection devices were fitted to the posts, to deter unwanted damage.



The complicated layout was easily catered for, by integrating multiple custom shade sails. Each sail can be installed wherever there is adequate room for a footing, and between each post the sail spans across very large distances. This makes the shade sail a perfect solution for these types of playgrounds and park areas. Each sail is designed with a twist in the fabric, which makes for a wonderful sight. The final result is a stunning feature that grabs attention, providing functional sun protection for many years to come.



If you are looking to shade an outdoor area or playground, then a series of custom made shade sails could be the perfect solution. Shadeform can organize each step of your project, from start to finish. Find out more by contacting our head office on 8354 2116 or


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