The Goody Hotel

The Goody is one of Adelaide’s oldest and most iconic hotels, established in the mid 1800’s. As a part of the outdoor sports bar renovations and style upgrade, Shadeform were asked to install a Helioscreen Retractable Roof. This flexible all weather canopy was chosen for its modern design, and functional weather protection.



The Roof itself is made from a robust PVC block out fabric, that provides 100% protection from the sun and rain. Somfy electronics allow the canopy to extend via a push-button remote, all happening in a matter of seconds. With integrated rainwater runoff areas, the outside area is completely protected from the elements. Patrons can now sit outside in comfort all year round. The Roof opens up countless options for outdoor functions and entertainment packages.



A custom framework was installed, including posts and cantilever beam. The Retractable Roof was then installed to fit the exact floorplan. Access was limited so a large crane was used to lift the  Roof in place. Unlike standard retractable roofs that extend downwards, this particular Roof extends upwards.  A custom water-runoff catchment area was integrated along the back edge of the canopy, ensuring a dry and warm space.



The canopy is made from PVC fabric, with a set of cross-batters used as support. The canopy extends out along a set of rafters, using a belt and track system. The canopy is driven by a powerful Somfy motor and electronics. High quality components and workmanship allows the canopy to extend and retract easily, in a matter of seconds. The end result is that this space now has a reliable source of sun and rain protection, all year round.


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