Custom Modular Structures

Flexshade® Custom Modular Structures

The Flexshade® range of Custom Modular Systems includes standard and custom sized Membrane Structures. Engineered for winds up to 160km/hr, each structure is made to last and includes a range of frame and fabric colour options. Modular by design, most systems can be joined together to form an effective means of shading that is affordable and suits a wide range of applications.



A classical conical shape with four corner columns and internal balanced support frame below the tensioned membrane. The Tetra is engineered to stand the test of time, and it is an economical yet durable option for outdoor weatherproof protection. The Tetra comes in beam edge, wire edge, and double cone variants.

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The Lotus is an inverted, hexagonal conical module, with support frames concealed above the waterproof shade membrane. The Lotus is ideally suited to random layouts or can be linked to produce honeycomb plan layout. The design incorporates internal drainage so that there is no external drip edges.

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The Hypar series provides a unique design element featuring a twisted membrane with overhead support structure. Modules can be linked together offering a variety of plan layouts. The Hypar is ideal for applications that require a contemporary shade solution with maximum coverage.

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Recent Projects

  • City of Marion - Roy Lander Res. Shade Sails
  • CYCSA Centre Post Flexshade Umbrellas
  • Coober Peedy Aera School
  • West Beach Cantilevered Waterproof Umbrellas
  • Beach House Shaderunner
  • Sporties Tavern

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