Children need the most protection from the harsh Australian sun and the Goodstart Early Learning Centre in Somerton Park was sure to consider this by installing five Shadeport framed shade structures. Working in conjunction with the landscape contractor, Shadeform supplied and installed this series of structures, creating valuable shaded areas for the children and centre staff alike.

Outdoor play and learning is important for a child’s development and by using practical and economical shading, they can enjoy the outdoors without the adverse effects of the sun. Using Z16 Shadecloth in Desert Sand with Charcoal Satin frames, the shades complement the new centre, providing years of trouble-free shade and UV protection.


Somerton Park ELC Shadeports


The Shadeport is a unique framed shade structure that provides cost effective Shading for numerous applications. Favoured by local Councils and Schools, where practical and functional shading is required, the Shadeport gives unrivalled shading per dollar than most other products on the market.

Each Shadeport is Engineer designed & privately certified, with the structure specified to suit the terrain and wind speed category. Generally structures are designed to N2 or N3, but we have manufactured and supplied Shadeports designed for Cyclonic regions of Australia. The support frame is manufactured from galvanised grade 350mpa structural Australian steel, with optional powdercoating as required. Shadeport Framed Shade Structures meets DECS approval, meaning they are an accepted and preferred shade solution for Government Schools.


Sun-Safe, Sun-Smart

Quality Fabric Range

The Shadeport generally utilises fabrics from the Polyfab range of commercial grade shadecloths. Generally, PolyFX is used, which a premium heavy-duty commercial knitted Shadecloth providing up to 98% UV-B blockout. The fabric comes with a warranty of 10 years against UV breakdown and mildew. For larger structures and windier areas, Comshade is typically used. This is an even heavier grade Shadecloth, providing increased durability for harsher conditions. Other fabrics can also be used, such as Monotec 370 Shadecloth or waterproof PVC as required.


Flexible Design

The Shadeport can cover large areas with minimal support posts, and being framed the fabric edge is at a constant height around the perimeter of the structure, reducing the chance of the sun creeping under the shade. The Shadeport is available in a number of formats, including square, hexagonal, rectangular, 6 posts long ridge (for larger applications), or as multiple units joined together.


Shadeports are custom made to suit the application or site and can be manufactured in variety of sizes, ranging from the smallest Shadeport to cover a single picnic bench, right up to a huge 6 post long ridge structure designed to cover a jumping pillow. The height of the structure is also site-specific and manufactured to suit. Post heights can range from around 2.5m, typically used at childcare centres where the low height allows for maximum shade, right up to 4m and over when shading high play equipment on Council Reserves where increased clearances may be required.


A Practical, Functional & Economical Solution

Where the shade is required to extend beyond the practical column set out, a rafter overhang can be specified. The shade fabric can then be larger than the column centres would govern, providing a greater shade footprint if required.

To deter would be assailants from climbing the structure, the Shadeport can be specified with either a circular disc at the top of the posts, or a spiked collar. Either of these options will reduce the risk associated with climbing if the Shadeport is to be located in an area prone to vandalism.

The Shadeport is easily inspected & maintained over its lifespan, and when eventually fabrics do require replacing, this is a straightforward process. Fabrics typically last around 10 years, and can be re-ordered to suit the structure. We generally keep all these details on file, so re-measuring is rarely required.


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