Year-round all-weather protection with the Helioscreen ‘All Seasons’ Range

Year-round all-weather protection with the Helioscreen ‘All Seasons’ Range When the weather takes a turn for the worse, can your outdoor spaces and entertaining areas still be utilised? With the advent of the increasingly popular retractable fabric roof systems, outdoor spaces can now be used year round, with controllable protection from sun, wind and rain … Continue reading “Year-round all-weather protection with the Helioscreen ‘All Seasons’ Range”

Slide & Slippery Dip Shading

We all remember spending hours on slippery dips or slides as children, enjoying the thrills of hurtling down at great speeds from top to bottom! Whilst slides can be great fun, their safe use can be limited in the Australian sun, particularly in the warmer months. Plastic or polymer slides can heat up to leg … Continue reading “Slide & Slippery Dip Shading”

Aged Care Facilities all Covered

Providing quality aged care facilities is on the rise, with the implementation of more mindful and attractive outdoor spaces for residents. Shadeform are dedicated to ensuring these spaces are protected, thanks to their range of durable and attractive shade products. As a nation, providing for our aging population in aged care facilities and assisted living … Continue reading “Aged Care Facilities all Covered”

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Alfresco – Retractable Waterproof Roofs

How to create the perfect outdoor Alfresco Retractable Waterproof Roofs A Retractable Waterproof Roof is the ultimate in outdoor weather protection. Using a flexible PVC fabric, a Retractable Roof will provide up to 100% UV protection, it will reduce glare from the sun, and it is a fantastic source of shade. These benefits have a … Continue reading “How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Alfresco – Retractable Waterproof Roofs”

Shadeport – Protecting the Next Generation

Children need the most protection from the harsh Australian sun and the Goodstart Early Learning Centre in Somerton Park was sure to consider this by installing five Shadeport framed shade structures. Working in conjunction with the landscape contractor, Shadeform supplied and installed this series of structures, creating valuable shaded areas for the children and centre … Continue reading “Shadeport – Protecting the Next Generation”

Shading the City of Marion!

Marion Council’s jurisdiction covers a large area to the South of Adelaide, with a growing population spread over a number of popular suburbs. The Council prides itself on the provision of quality outdoor spaces, reserves, parks and play spaces. Young families increasingly spend more and more time in the park, enjoying the outdoors, and Marion … Continue reading “Shading the City of Marion!”