Learn everything there is to know about Australia’s favorite retractable shade.

The Shaderunner® now has it’s own website….

shaderunner.com.au is now live!


The Shadeform team is please to present to you, the updated Shaderunner® website. A fresh new look the shaderunner.com.au website has updated information and a modernised layout.

With over 5000 installations worldwide, now is the perfect time for a tailor-made website, dedicated to the Shaderunner®.



Recently there has been an overwhelming abundance of enquiries, for this simple but practical shade.

We believe the secret to the Shaderunner®’s success is because of it’s robust fabric canopy, and a tensioned wire support system. This allows the canopy to provide high levels of sun protection, and also allows it to be retracted in a matter seconds.


“With controllable shade on demand, you can enjoy the outdoors all year round”


The canopy is made from a series of sewn polyester fabric panels. Each panel is supported by an aluminium batten, which has a pair of roller baring pullies for attachment. These pullies are attached to a pair of stainless steel ‘guide’ wires. As the pullies offer friction-less movement, the canopy can slide effortlessly along the steel wires.

Simply pull on the control rope and out comes the shade, gliding along a its steel wires. Tie-off the rope to the cleat, and set the canopy exactly where you want it.


This makes the Shaderunner® the ultimate in flexible shade protection.

Because of it’s simplicity the Shaderunner® needs very little maintenance. It also means that there is little to go wrong, giving the canopy a very long expected lifetime.

The Shaderunner® is truly the ultimate convenience for enjoying outdoor spaces in style. With controllable shade on demand, you can enjoy the outdoors all year round!


If you would like to take a look at the new website, please click the following link: shaderunner.com.au

You can also contact the Shaderunner® team today on 8354 2116.


Author: Josh Carr

Starting out as an installer, Josh now helps Shadeform organize all things technical. This includes website development and online marketing.

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