With the increasing popularity of jumping pillows at caravan sites, resorts and holiday parks, the need to shade these excellent facilities is on the rise. Jumping pillows can be quite large, and therefore the space required to site one means that generally a large portion of the pillow remains exposed to the sun, without proper shading. This can restrict usage of the jumping pillow to cooler parts of the day, limiting their use. By shading the jumping pillow, its use can be extended throughout the day, even in the hotter months. The pillow fabric itself will also benefit from increased protection from the ravages of the Australian sun, which can only extend its lifespan.

Shadeform specialise in the provision of large span shade structures, which can provide the ultimate stylish shade solution when needing to shade a large item such as a jumping pillow. With a range of different options available, Shadeform can design, engineer, manufacture and install an aesthetically appealing structure to suit the size and location of the jumping pillow. The support columns or frame can be hot dip galvanised, galvanised and powdercoated or epoxy painted depending on the Client’s preference and the location.

Shading options include Hypar Shade Sails, which provide a stylish solution, both providing good shading and visual appeal. The structure is designed to suit the site, orientation and wind category, resulting in the specification of posts & footings appropriate for the application.

Shadeform’s commercial Shade Sails are manufactured using the most durable Australian made fabrics in vibrant colours, including a fantastic 15 year warranty. Following an accurate survey of the support columns, each shade sail is designed, patterned and plotted using the latest 3D design software. Once cut out, the sail panels are either machine sewn or high frequency welded together depending on the type of fabric used. Corner patches are then added in triple layers, a unique process developed during Shadeform’s 30 plus years of manufacturing. The sails are then hand finished with the addition of stainless steel edge wires and fittings. The corner reinforcing, combined with the use of the industry leading durable sewing thread and the highest quality stainless steel edge wires and fittings, ensures that Shadeform’s sails are the strongest available on the market.

An alternative to Hypar Shade Sails, rapidly increasing in popularity, is the Shadeport Framed Shade Structure. The Shadeport provides the ultimate economical shading solution for larger areas, being popular with Council’s, Schools and Local Government. The structures are fully certified and are approved by DECS which governs the criteria required for shade structures within schools. The Shadeport can cover large areas with minimal support posts, and being framed, the fabric edge is at a constant height around the perimeter of the structure, reducing the chance of the sun creeping under the shade. The Shadeport is available in a number of formats, including square, hexagonal, rectangular, 6 posts long ridge (for larger applications), or as multiple units joined together.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information about pillow shading. This blog is really helpful. Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Thanks Jenni – Jumping Pillows seem to be getting more and more popular, so large scale Shade Sails or Shadeports are ideal to enable maximum usage through the warmer months – if you need any more info, please feel free to contact Shadeform!

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